River Table Epoxy & hardener Kit 2:1 Ratio

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EASY TO USE UNBEATABLE QUALITY: DIY Epoxy River Table is specially designed for any deep casting project. You will effortlessly make a masterpiece of a live edge deep pour table. Its specialized formula is designed to prevent any unwanted features such as pour degassing and yellowing, making it extremely forgiving and easy to use.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE 100%: We are on a mission to deliver the highest quality epoxy resin to your homes. If this epoxy resin does not live to its expectation, we will accommodate you. We understand that any epoxy project is a big undertaking. If this epoxy does not cure or any issue related to quality, we will refund your order.

UV RESISTANT BLUE TECH FORMULA: With added HALS & BLUE TECH UV stabilization formula, this epoxy resin deep pour for river table will resist yellowing and transcend standard epoxy resin UV formulas.

INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH: This product was formulated for our industrial clients but modified for home usage. Therefore it is undoubtedly the leading river table epoxy resin in strength, scratch & impact resistance; also, it has unbelievable durability once cured, to chemicals, humidity, and any household hazard.


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Made In North America

Made In North America

DIY Epoxy River table


Size 0.75 Gallon
Pour Volume 173 Cubic Inches
Viscosity Cp or MPa.s 450
Color Crystal Clear
Working Time 4-6 Hours
Curing Temperature 75°F/24°C
Curing Time 72 Hours
Cured Hardeness Shore D 82
Product Weight 6 lb
Storage Temperature 65°F/18°C - 90°F/32°C


Crystal clear epoxy resin casting mixed exquisitely with a light turquoise color pigment tint.

DIY Epoxy, giving the right resin to create showroom-worthy epoxy tables no matter your skill-set.

Specialty Rivertable Epoxy

Crystal Clear

Vibrant Colors

Strong Epoxy Formula

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If you have any questions or if you need any support, do not hesitate! Our epoxy resin experts will answer promptly.

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