Art Epoxy & Hardener Kit 1:1 Ratio

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Conforms to ASTM D 4236

CRYSTAL CLEAR GLASS EFFECT: DIY Art Epoxy Resin was molecularly engineered to maintain its crystal clear attribute while enhancing the color of any epoxy art projects during its curing process. 

SAFE DO IT YOURSELF KIT: Non-toxic when fully cured, no VOCs, No BPA, No Fumes. This art epoxy resin kit is a fantastic kit for beginners to expert epoxy users. 

SELF-LEVELING & DEGASSING: DIY Art epoxy resin is specially designed to self degauss & self-level; Thus requiring minimal adjustment when pouring any art projects. 

EASY TO USE 1:1 RATIO: This art epoxy resin is specially designed to simplify any projects. If there is any issue, our customer experts will assist you immediately.

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Art Epoxy SDS Sheet

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Made In North America

Made In North America

DIY Epoxy Art


Size 10 oz
Pour Volume 270 Square Inches
Viscosity Cp or MPa.s 2700
Color Crystal Clear
Working Time 20 min
Curing Temperature 72°F/22°C
Curing Time 24 Hours
Cured Hardeness Shore D 81
Product Weight 1 lb
Storage Temperature 65°F/18°C - 90°F/32°C


Delivering quality epoxy products is not only a passion for us but also a culture. Our responsibility in the art epoxy resin world is to set the highest standards for quality and relentlessly research and develop our products to ensure our products surpass any industry's quality standards.

DIY Art Epoxy Resin is there for all of your art projects. From epoxy resin tumbler, coaster, paintings, encapsulation, you name it, and it will be up for the task.

We pride ourselves on giving customers the best shopping experience possible. To ensure this experience, our product needs to be irreproachable! Confident we are, but we will appreciate every feedback possible to ensure we evolve our product with the current technologies, transcending epoxy resin.


Superior Art Resin Formula

Specialty Art Resin There are boundless possibilities when talking about art epoxy resin projects. Art is the interpretation of our creative intelligence, the beauty of the project is only defined through one's perception of perfection. To ensure the imagination can speak freely, we've perfected our formula at a molecular level to deliver the foolproof superior art resin for all of your projects.

Crystal Clear DIY Art Epoxy has a GIA color scale value of D. This value is the highest value of clarity assigned for gems and crystals that are colorless and allows the light to flow effortlessly. When cured in the crystal shape, this epoxy will resemble a crystal due to its crystal clear propriety, making it the ideal art resin for all of your projects.

Color Amplification One of the specialties of our art epoxy is the ability to intensify color pigmentation and encapsulated items. We made sure that no matter the project our customer will undertake, this resin will be the perfect partner and will expose your work with a lustrous shine.

Protective Clear Coat DIY Art Epoxy is not only used to create masterpieces but can also preserve other artwork, pictures, sentimental objects, or any items of personal value. Applying a protective layer of art epoxy will serve as a shield against water, chemical and prevent normal decay. This thin resin layer has the appearance of a thin crystal-like film, enhancing the appearance with its gleaming glazed looks.

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