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Follow these easy steps to create your epoxy river table!

Simple & Fun DIY Epoxy River Table

Epoxy resin river tables are more and more popular these days. Buying them already made can be expensive. Some of them range in the 10 000$. Therefore owning one of these can be a luxurious statement in your decor. Making them yourself is an easy & fun process that will save you thousands of dollars, and you will have one of a kind custom made furniture to converse around.

Accessories Required:

  • DIY Epoxy River Table Kit (We welcome you to use our kit calculator below the titurial)
  • Protective equipment for you safety, gloves, protective eye gear and a apron to protect your clothing
  • Wood slab using for river table and any other items you wish to encapsulate in the epoxy river table
  • Border for your casting mold, such as melamine board, corrugated plastic sheets
  • Tools to build the mold, drill, screws, tape, glue gun or caulking for sealing the mold
  • Sanding block, buffer/polisher
  • Solvent such as denatured alcohol to clean your wood slab and any items that will be in the epoxy river table

Step 1

Sand & Clean

Step 2

Seal & Sand

Step 3

Build Your Epoxy River Table Mold

Step 4

Measure & Mix

Step 5

Secure & Pour

Step 6

Demold & Sand

Step 7

Buff & Polish

Final Step

Add Legs & Enjoy!

Epoxy River Table Resin Calculator

You can use this helpfull tool to calculate the gallons require for your epoxy river table. Simply enter your void's dimension to know how many gallons you require for your river table.

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