About Us

Who Are We?

DIY Epoxy is an innovator, manufacturer & worldwide distributor of high-quality epoxy & home renovation products. Located in Quebec, Canada, we are innovating the epoxy domain, bringing a fun DIY approach to any epoxy project. DIY Epoxy is devoted to offering premium quality products enabling our customers to deliver professionally graded epoxy resin projects in their homes' comfort.

Our Vision

DIY Epoxy is not just another epoxy resin company; we want to establish a long-term connection with our customers. Assimilating all of our customer's feedback, advice & comments, we will evolve with our clients' demands and requirements. Innovation is key, as technology and idea grows we will keep ahead of the curb and always deliver premium epoxy resins.

Address & Contact information:

DIY Epoxy
1671 rue Galt Est
Sherbrooke, QC, Canada
J1G 3H6


+1 888-414-6563