What Is Epoxy Resin?

What Is An Epoxy Resin? 

In its most basic form, epoxy resin is a chemical substance. Initially, in the 1930s, two scientists named Dr. Pierre Castan from Switzerland and Dr. Sylvan Greenlee from the United States created a substance for dental fixtures and called it an Epoxy. At that time, epoxies were only amber-colored solids. With time, several scientists experimented and turned epoxy into a robust liquid adhesive.

Today, there are 50 types of different epoxies available in the market for various purposes. Epoxy resin is a two-part system: a resin and a hardener. When we combine these two components in a required ratio, they give birth to an exothermic reaction. It forms a gel-like substance that becomes adhesive. This adhesive is better than all the other glues available in the market. Its numerous uses have taken the world by storm. We can use it to create, cast, coat, mold, shield, laminate, and encapsulate items. 

Why Use Epoxy Resin? 

The high chemical and corrosion resistance, outstanding adhesion to numerous substrates, high-quality mechanical and thermal properties, and the exceptional ability to be processed under several conditions makes resins the most helpful product in the industries. Primarily, when a company commercialized it in 1946, it found its worth in the aerospace field. Later, however, people recognized it extremely valuable in other niches, such as carpentry jobs, flooring, and furnishing.

As this substance is stable, lightweight, and capable of adhering to nature quickly, the industry used it to construct wind turbine blades. Likewise, because of the same properties, it has application in boatbuilding and the maintenance industry. When we epoxy coat a material, it becomes waterproof, robust, and durable. Moreover, artisans also use it to shield items from sunlight and other environmental hazards. Overall, it increases the life of materials and products. Therefore, it is undoubtedly the best product to cast, coat, laminate, infuse, and protect various materials. According to research, 45% of the epoxy resins available in the market are used in a protective coating. In comparison, the remaining 55% are employed in structural applications such as lamination, tooling, casting, bonding, and construction of objects.

Furthermore, when we mix additives with resins, the epoxide turns into a new creative glue that we can use for many creative purposes. There are several types of epoxy resins available in the market. We at DIY Epoxy specialize in the most popular ones: art, countertop, and river table epoxy.