DIY Jewelry

How to Make Epoxy Resin Jewelry

Pieces of jewelry are sentimental gifts that come from the earth. Making your jewelry makes it even more sentimental, made from your feelings and imagination, whether for a gift or yourself.

How to Make Epoxy Resin Jewelry

Follow us through this article to learn all about DIY epoxy resin jewelry. Let us start with the supplies that we need for this project.
You'll need the following materials to make your own Epoxy Jewelry:

  • Silicone Molds
  • Fillers/Inclusions of your own choice
  • Safety Gear
  • Plastic Drop Cloth
  • Mixing Cups
  • Heat Gun or Butane Torch
  • Craft Sticks
  • Toothpicks
  • Mini Hand Drill
  • Sandpaper or Micro-Mesh

Unique Product Ideas for Resin Jewelry Project

Epoxy Wooden Necklaces

Epoxy Pendant

Epoxy Resin Earrings

Epoxy Resin Ring

Epoxy Resin Bracelet

Epoxy Resin Shirt Cuff

With art epoxy resin, you are free to be creative and imaginative. You can experiment with many versatile pieces and take risks by using bold colors and combos.

How to Make Epoxy Resin Jewelry?

Step#1: Preparation for the Epoxy Resin Jewelry Project

Helpful Tip: Put the bottles of resin and hardener in a bowl of warm water: While gathering the items, put the resin into the hot water to avoid air bubbles and help the resin mix smoothly.

Choose a suitable silicone mold.

Once you have decided which resin accessory or jewelry you want to make, select a perfect mold for your jewelry.  

Gather your fillers:

Pigments, flowers, sprinklers, glitter particles, small stones, shells, pearls, etc., are some of the inclusions that you can add to your jewelry.

Decide what you will like to add to your resin jewelry and keep it handy. You will have to add it to the resin mixture instantly after the pour.

Decide and mix the resin and hardener:

Make a rough estimation of the amount of resin you will need to fill the mold.

If you're only making one or two pieces, you can combine one part resin with one part hardener in a measuring cup. Mix for two minutes straight, scraping the sides of the cup frequently.

Helpful Tip: Fill the resin and hardener mixture into a condiment bottle for easy pouring. It will help you save your resin mixture from falling out during the pour.

Step#2: Pouring the Epoxy Resin into the Silicone Mold

Pour the first layer and insert the fillers:

Pour a layer of resin, then insert your fillers in the mold and, if necessary, pour another layer of resin over the fillers. Keep in mind, for lighter fillers, there will not be any need for a second pour. However, for heavier objects, you will need another layer of resin.

Pour glitter on top:

Once you've filled your molds, if you want a glittery background, pour glitter on top of the resin mixture.

Remove the air bubbles:

If air bubbles form in the resin layer during casting, a short, gentle swing of a Bunsen burner or hot-air blow drier over the resin will readily eliminate them.

Helpful Tips: Allow for overnight hardening. Cover the molds with a shoebox or something similar to keep dust out.

Step#3: Demolding the Epoxy Resin Jewelry from the Mold

Time it will take to cure:

The time it takes for the casting resin to cure varies from one manufacturer to the next. On the box, you'll discover information related to curing. The workpiece is usually cured enough to be removed from the mold after about 48 hours.

Remove with care:

When removing the casting, be careful not to harm yourself on any sharp edges on the bottom.

Helpful tip: If you are unable to remove it from the mold, you can place it in the freezer for 10 minutes or so and it will pop right out.

Step#4: The final modifications to Epoxy Resin Jewelry

Removing the sharp edges:

Sharp edges can be easily removed with fine-grained sandpaper if they formed during the curing process.

Turn the resin objects into wearable jewelry:

Use a quick hold contact adhesive to adhere to rings and pins.

Metal loops should be added to each piece of jewelry, such as bracelets and necklaces.

To do so, make a loop with a pin, then hold it with pliers and heat it for 5 seconds over a gas burner or a candle, then push directly into the resin object.

Polish for Shine:

A soft cloth and polishing paste are used to give the piece of jewelry a brilliant sheen.

To obtain the radiant impression, crystal clear resin or glossy lacquer can also be used as a finish.

Helpful Tip: If you utilize a polished silicone mold directly, you can avoid this additional step. The smooth inner surface of polished mold ensures that the surface of your epoxy resin jewelry is totally glossy and smooth.

Finally, your DIY Epoxy Resin Jewelry is ready to be worn or sold. You see! Making resin jewelry is easy and fun. Moreover, you can turn it into a profitable business. Just make sure to wear your safety gadgets whenever you are working on resin projects.